Happy Holi Messages 2019 Holi Wishes in Hindi

Happy Holi Messages 2019 Holi Wishes in Hindi: Removal and eradication of unnecessary and harmful items has been considered very important in Hindu religion. And Holi is celebrated to give this approach a verbical form. Thorns spreading in the paths, shool chandeliers, human beings raise the difficulties of the society, give pain to those who run the path; such elements can not be allowed to remain untouched, no eye can be saved from them and neither Can be ignored. Therefore, on Holi every year, people gather collectively unkempt buds lying in the streets and celebrate the festival by burning them. Similarly, cleaning of gutter, pit, mud, dust trash etc. removes frozen dirt. The corners of the street are scratched to the extent that if the dirt is hidden then it has not been removed, it removes it from where it is and removes it.

Holi Messages

Happy Holi Messages 2019 

Every year, the city of Kauai Hindu,
what is the effect of Holika Hari Bhajan, the Holika
Holi wishes best wishes!
Red Blue Green Yellow
Abir Gulal Flowers
That Holi I Ray 
Pachiya Amua Ka Gachiya Kokal Kuhke Ray K
Holi I Re
Happy Holi!
Holi came with a splendid
color of colors
and lots of sweet and
sweet sweet love. Let
your life be sweet love
and happiness,
all seven colors, in which
this dua is our
best wishes of Holi!

The hidden message of the festival of Holi is to remove the frozen filth, remove the disturbing elements in the way. It is necessary to clean the dirt of the outside of the street and create an atmosphere of cleanliness and purity; otherwise, with the change of season in Chaitra, this dirt can take a distorted look and increase the diseases of the smallpox. This external approach to cleanliness, inner cleansing, removal of mental impairment defectors is also essential, otherwise there is the possibility of innumerable types of disadvantages of many routes.

Happy Holi Messages in Hindi

गोरी तेरे गुलाबी गालों में गुलाल मल दूँ
भर पिचकारी अंग अंग में रंग डाल दूँ
भींगी चोली चुनरी भींगी आ गले से लगा लूँ
हैप्पी होली
कामना है कि फागुन का ये रंगीन उत्सव
आपके जीवन में ढेर सारी खुशियाँ लाये
होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं !
सात रंग रंग लिए आई होली
गाँव और शहर में छाई होली
होली है और धूम मचा है
भांग की खुमार छाई है
ताम में मस्ती मन में मस्ती
फागुन की मस्ती हर तरफ छाई है
होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ!
मक्की की रोटी निम्बू का अचार
चाँद की चांदनी अपनों का प्यार
मुबारक हो आपको होली का त्यौहार
होली की अनन्त शुभकामनाएँ!

The nature of the thorns coming in the way is given nature. If the thorns are not in front of them, if obstacles do not exist then human awareness, activity, consciousness and thinking will disappear, in rubbing it is the power that makes weapons stronger, After some time, it will become ineffective. There is a great need for rubbing and struggling in human life, otherwise, while still alive, there is a need to see the scene of the dead. Those castes who struggle to eradicate their social, economic, political distortions, destroy the unnecessary elements, they survive and those fortunate ones, like the ostricher, make sure they are fixed and inactive in the sand, they are poverty, slavery, disease, Anxiety is lost due to the misery of others.

Hinduism is the religion of the living and the Purusharthi race. Each of his festivals keeps giving message of awareness and activity. The message of Holi is to find out the inner and outer turbulence and clean it and establish Chaturmukhi purity and find out all the well-being of mental, social, and political distorted disorders in the way. And set fire to them and celebrate festivals. This is the true way to celebrate Holi. It is a sign of indecipherable, shameless mud, and throwing it on humans, it is a sign of animalism and ruggedness, it should stay away from it.

Holi Greeting Message Wishes in Hindi Holi Messages

Holi is the festival of colors. This is a very sacred festival. There are many stories related to Holi. Today is the period of social media. In Holi, people put each other in color and gulal later, they send messages and greetings first. I have tried to compile all the best wishes on the Internet in Hindi for our readers, hopefully you will love them.
Atomizer edge
barrage of Gualala
love the ones
that have guys
Holi festival
Happy Holi!
Full moon moon
moon's moonlight bid
should be filled with joy all won
the Happy
-colored Holi
Gul has sent gulpham to Gulshan, the
stars have sent pagam to the sky.
Happy Holi festival.
We have sent this message to heart
Holi mubarak
Celebrate the festival of Holi,
only love for a long time,
this is the chance to eradicate the opportunity
to get rid of it. Get ready for a
happy holi!
You too in Jhoomi Masti,
we also greeted Holi in the fun of all the holi of all the shouted
slums in
Jhoomi Masti

Holi Messages 2019 in Hindi 

In the festival of colors, there is abundance of all the colors
filled with all the happiness. Your family is the
only one who is blessed by God every time
my heart
The girl in the colors is a red pink
who sees what the goods are pink, the
last rain that you soaked in Holi
so long that the mark is pink
Combining all the colors in Holi, you get one color, which will make your happiness colorful. Happy Holi, Happy Holi!
Your Holi is number one
and you are very much
interested in the love of love, the
particle particles become stranded!
happy Holi!
sun shines in the red pink color beyond the happiness, the
Moon's moonlight, the love of your loved ones will
be auspicious for you all these colors.
Happy Holi
Fill the color of love with the color of
affection, the color of the two worlds, all
colors will not be known, no caste, no quote,
you are very happy this Holi
No balloons,
painting , no color by
Happy Holi 
Direct from the heart!
Holi took such an evening Lord's name
Mhare Piya gave
birth to Mohe Bhang Mare, who now rescues Hi Ram
Holi, playing the Mhare Piya
Holi. Welcome to the
Happy Holi!
White let feces Gualala in your rosy cheeks
'll put color in syringe limb across
shall embrace Bingi bodice drape Bingi come
Happy Holly
Wish that this colorful festival of Phagun brings
lots of happiness in your life,
Happy Holi wishes!
Holi is a holy place for the seven colors
and Holi 
Holi is in the city, and there is a smile on the
cannabis. There is a lot
of fun in Tam. The fun
of Phagun's fun is on every side.
Happy Holi!
Makki bread bread of lemon
moon of moonlight Love your loved ones
Holi festival
Happy Holi's best wishes!


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